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Nilufer Y. Ozmekik is screen writer, executive producer, speedy avid reader, enthusiastic book reviewer, adrenaline junkie, wine gourmet, the worst cook of the world, the creator of most ridiculous dance moves, restricted from the karaoke bars all over the US because of being America’ Worst Talent and ugliest voice!

She wrote for TV sitcoms, late night shows, long feature movies, TV dramas! Now everybody is avoiding TV like a plague because of her distasteful contributions.

She is redhead (of course it’s not natural and she pays tons of money to the hairdressers because she cannot even dye her hair appropriately. She is useless!), hot blooded Aries woman, born on the April Fool’s Day( typical!), always argues with her neighbors, reads her books aloud, writes the thriller novels’ murderer’s in the middle of the books and gives them as presents to her friends.

She has elephant’s memory (and also elephant’s appetite) when it comes to the movies. You can quiz her anytime about any specifics, details about a movie (from the 7 th extra’s dog’s name at the 16 th scene, enters the coffee shop or third AD’s grandmother’s third husband’s shoe size)

Movies, books, running like a hamster on treadmills and sweating like pig at the spinning classes, cursing worse than sailor and supporting her soccer teams are her passions!

She believes that “Avengers” and other Marvel works are real movies and Die Hard is a great Christmas movie. And she is thankful to Satan gives her inspiration to create better thriller stories.

She’s surprisingly married with the same man for 14 years, no kids(divine intervention, we don’t want more Nilufer in the world, do we? Of course not), hanging with 2 beautiful dogs.

When I was 10, my parents decided I was one of the most untalented children in the universe.

I wasn’t in good at sports, I had no rhythm (that’s what I thought, I proved to everyone, this crazy baby can dance and could compete at Dancing with Stars, only problem: I am not B list star to dance on TV!)

I had terrible voice! (I still think my music teacher was deaf enough to choose me sing in chorus!)

I was holding my pen in a weird way and my writing reminded of drunk doctor’s prescriptions. So I screamed, cried and suffered from a broken heart: Only thing I could do to kick the boy’s asses.

That is it! Maybe I was born to be a wrestler! But when I grabbed one of my notebooks and started writing about my mean friends, my sad parents who were raising most untalented children in the universe, I realized I CAN WRITE!

Yes! Okay I found the reason why I was living, functioning, breathing organism! I came to earth to WRITE and ROAST the people around me!

So this was the beginning of my story. I’m still holding the pen in a weird way when I’m writing. I’m still incapable at doing some many things. (ice skating, chewing a gun and walking at the same time, talking a little slower, but guess what I can touch my nose with my tongue! Can you do that? No you cannot!)

So I’m not gonna write a long inspirational speech that you are unique, different, original, love yourself bla bla yada yada kind of words.

But as a summary: “please find your passion but not let it kill you just make them monetized and pay your bills for not dying miserable” N.Y.O

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