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This is something between Moriarty’s Big Little Lies waltzes with Kimberly Belle’s Dear Wife and salutes to Flynn’s Gone Girl and Elin Hilderbrand’s beach town stories. It is a little big long story with multi POVS and I actually enjoy Rebecca’s facing the trauma and Sherri’s running away …

June 15, 2020

Book’s name: “How to save a life” Authors duo: Liz Fenton&Lisa Steinke Genre: Romance, fantasy, fiction Publishing Company:Lake Union Publishing Stars: 4/5 Summary: Groundhog Day meets Sliding Doors, emotional, fast paced, gripping, heart wrenching. A brain cell destroying, heartbreaking, tear jerking and emotional version of Groundhog Day! Welcome …

June 10, 2020

Book’s name: “In a Holidaze” Author duo: Christina Lauren Publishing company: Gallery Books Genre: Romance, chic lit, rom-com Stars: 4/5 Overall: So sweet, inspirational, feel good novel with lots of holiday spirit . Christmas movies meet Groundhog Day! I’m giving sweeter than Hershey kisses, entertaining, heartwarming, feel-good, lovely …

June 10, 2020
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